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These Were The Breaks

Издатель: International One Shots Vol.2-Сайт: hiphopdrumsamples.com-Формат: WAV
Качество: 16 bit | 44.1 kHz | stereo-Описание
От экспертов , которые принесли вам безумно популярную международную первую скрию (Digital & Vinyl) приходит следующий объем нового барабана набор серии для производителей ищет редкий снимков вы не найдете в дикой природе!


6 Claps & Snaps
21 Drum Rolls
21 FX
21 Kicks
21 Kits (Kick, Snare, Hat Combo)
21 Snares
26 Perc Loops/Hits

Дополнительная информация

From the Expert Digging Team that brought you the insanely popular International Breaks Series (Digital & Vinyl) comes the next volume of a new drum kit series for producers looking for RARE one shots you won't find in the wild! That is, unless you're on a digging safari that spans the globe!
Enter International One Shots Vol. 2 - These Were The Breaks,
A collection of extremely rare one shot drum samples ready for Producers to stack, layer, & process or use as is.
International One Shots Vol. 2 contains open snares taken from nearly impossible to find Vinyl, Drum Rolls from obscure European Prog Records, Claps from Reggae LP's, Unique Sound FX from Experimental Synth Albums, Percussion Loops and Chops perfect for layering in your beats.
Of course we didn't forget any hard hitting Kicks and Snares, Chopped Kits, and more.
International One Shots Vol. 2 was recorded from rare, original vinyl records from around the Globe. Meticulously compiled and curated for the ease of Producers & Beatmakers looking for UNIQUE Drum Samples.
Our expert Digging Team spent an enormous amount of time assembling this pack, so you didn't have to!
Focus on what you do best, making beats and producing hits!
Its time to bring that warm sound back to your drums.
*(These One Shots CANNOT be found in the International Breaks Series)

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