[3D модели] Dosch - 3D: Background Stages (max, c4d)

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x-angel2006 · 12-Сен-07 20:51 (11 лет 6 месяцев назад, ред. 20-Апр-16 14:31)

Dosch 3D - Background Stages

A new product design needs to be presented in the perfect setting, but you are no photographer, and to hire one costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. Also, to build an adequate "stage" for showcasing the product takes time - hours, maybe days.

The solution is Dosch 3D: Background-Stages. The product contains more than 200 of unique virtual studio scenes, complete with various surface and lighting options. This way, all you have to do for a professional presentation is to choose the appropriate scene, customize it to your liking, and then place the product into the scene as desired.

Форматы: max, c4d
Офсайт: http://doschdesign.com/products/3d/Background_Stages.html
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oandr88 · 10-Фев-19 12:47 (спустя 11 лет 4 месяца)


Мультяшно, конечно, но может очень пригодится!
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